Heading west???

Ted Casablanca (a real “accurate” source of info!!) blogs,that Rob is almost done with “Remember Me” filming.

He quotes his “sources” as saying rob is on schedule to finish filming early next week.He also goes on(as he does every second day),about all the robsten hookup details.(BOLLOCKS!!?)

I am taking a ‘wait and see’ stance on this one. Neither Rob or Kristen have OFFICIALLY(correct me if i am wrong!)  been announced as taking part in the comic-con panel NEXT THURSDAY (july 23rd).

That said,i think it is going to do him a world of good to get the HELL OUT OF NYC. Not that san diego&los angeles are paparazzi free,but at least people won’t know where he is EVERY DAY! ( u would hope!).

If he is done,and is heading west, i will all over any REAL news,like jasper over a bleeding finger.



~ by isletwilight on July 15, 2009.

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