Give it 48hrs people!!….


Interesting last few days.

Since friday there have countless different articles basically stating the following:

1) That rob is done with “remember me” filming.

2) That he is headed to comic-con

3) That the robsten hook-up is on! (yawn, i will believe it when i see it)

What all the articles lack is some proof and official confirmation!!.

What i am sure of, is that within the next 48hrs or so,( being that comic-con starts thursday ),we should all have some sort of confirmation in regard to rob being done filming,and his&kristen’s appearance at comic-con. had a article in relation to rob potential where-abouts in the next few weeks.

Quote: ”  So if you don’t see Robert anywhere from August 5-16, don’t be too suprised.” End quote.

I am not necessarily disputing that,but i can tell you one place him will be in that time frame………teen choice awards 2009.(sun,august 9)

Twilight is nominated for an all-time record amount of awards this year,so it would be a bonehead move on summit’s part,not to have their big guns show up!.


~ by isletwilight on July 20, 2009.

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