Comic-Con 2009 mini wrap…..

Good Lord!.

Where oh where do i start.A simply amazing 24 hours. Firstly,a major kudos to the amazingly dedicated people that camped out overnight.Twilight fans are,hands down the most dedicated of any franchise.

The whole crew seemed in good spirits.My personal observation was that Robert and Kristen,especially Robert,were looking quite tired.(tough work schedules).

Some dumb-ass reporter asked a question concerning Rob&Kristen’s personal life,when they WERE ALL PRE-WARNED not do so. Douche.

The press conference contained Rob,Kristen&Taylor. Chris Weitz,Ashley Greene,Rob,Kristen and Taylor were present for the twilight panel.Then almost the complete cast were present for the special screenings of the first twilight film that evening.

Two brand new twilight clips were shown during the panel(will post soon). The clips were quite well done,showing alot of promise.(they score sounded really impressive aswell).

(unconfirmed) Robert will be heading back to NYC for 1 week,to complete “Remember Me’ filming.

More to come……………..


~ by isletwilight on July 24, 2009.

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