She Said / Studio Said…This has gotten real ugly,REAL QUICK

Oh dear.

Out of any the foreseable drama’s this franchise could have/will face, i never thought this would be one of them!.

There MUST be a lot more to this story than what both parties are revealing .The fallout from this wil be interesting to say the least.

While this is not something that is going to bring the project to a grinding halt,i guarantee you there are going to be a lot of pissed off people about this.Rachelle was one of,if not the most,well liked and respected people on set.

I worry about how this will all translate on film. We have Rachelle playing “Victoria” for the first two films,then in the third,and the pinnacle of  “Victoria’s” character,we have a casting change.Ugh!!!.

HOW ON EARTH is Rachelle going to do New Moon promotion?? ( My guess?..She won’t).

How about Bryce Dallas Howard?!.  What the hell must she be thinking? What on earth have i got myself into?  I tell you one thing,she BETTER BE CAREFULL in what she has to say in her first few interviews.Rub the Twihards the wrong way…….she will get LINCHED!!.

What a mess.Worst thing is….we have not heard the last of it.


~ by isletwilight on July 30, 2009.

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